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Cord blood

Store umbilical cord blood and prepare for a healthy future for your child.

Which time is right for me?

At least 10 years: You start with the cheapest one-time payment and receive all basic benefits included (without illness support up to € 7,000). In addition, you pay a storage fee of € 120 per year.

Flexible time: You start with a higher one-off payment and receive all services included. You decide annually whether you want to extend your contract. In addition, you pay a storage fee of € 60 per year.

25 years: You start with a high one-off payment and receive all services and the storage fee for 25 years included. You only pay a storage fee of € 60 per year from the 26th year of storage.

50 years: You start with a high one-off payment and receive all services and the storage fee for 50 years included. Only from the 51st year of storage do you pay a storage fee of € 60 per year.

Basically, regardless of the duration and the payment, you will always receive an open-ended contract, which remains even after the prepaid storage fee.

At the specified runtime compared to the VitaPlus variant
+ Preventive-Screening
DNA testing for health risks

Screening screening includes screening your child's DNA for genetic predispositions for five selected risks that may be important to your child's health as they grow up and are not included in normal screening tests.

  1. Drug-induced deafness (antibiotic intolerance)
  2. AAT deficiency (immune system disorder)
  3. Hereditary fructose intolerance (fructose intolerance)
  4. Lactose intolerance
  5. Gluten intolerance

+ Donate stem cells
How can I donate stem cells for free?

We offer you the opportunity to additionally donate your child's stem cells. There are 2 options available to you. Both options are free of charge.

VitaMines&Yours: We prepare part of the umbilical cord blood as your child's property and the other part for a public donation. The umbilical cord blood is divided into two full stem cell deposits. If the donation preparation is suitable, it will be stored as a public donation. This is how the stem cells benefit your child and others.

VitaPlusDonation: You store the entire umbilical cord blood in a stem cell depot as the property of your child. If a suitable recipient needs the stem cells, we ask you or the adult child whether the stem cells should be given as a transplant or not. The complete preparation is released here. In this case, you will be reimbursed for the payments made so far for storage.

+ Store umbilical cord tissue

Secure even more advantages by storing umbilical cord tissue

What are the advantages of storage?

The special stem cells from the tissue of the umbilical cord can also be stored. The concentration of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) is particularly high here. MSC are already being used in clinical studies today, for example for joint and cartilage diseases (such as arthrosis) or disorders of the immune system (such as multiple sclerosis).

They also have the ability to inhibit or prevent unwanted immune system reactions. This can be used to treat rejection reactions after transplantation, for example.