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Saxon-Chinese stem cell bank set up

Vita 34 enters into collaboration with Chinese partner on clinical studies

On the first day of the trade mission led by environment minister Thomas Schmidt, Vita 34 AG from Leipzig has signed an important agreement in the Northern Chinese city of Yinchuan. Vita 34 is going to collaborate with the Chinese company AVIC Biology in the research on clinical studies related to drug licensing in China and Europe. The agreement was signed in the presence of Mayor Baichun Guo at the town hall of Yinchuan in the evening.

“The joint technology venture will provide for a cord blood bank offering the highest quality standards in China in the future”, says Minister Schmidt. “This project shows that the expertise and experience of Vita 34 AG as a specialist in the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord is in great demand all over the world. I want the collaboration to develop successfully for both partners.”

Vita 34 AG will supply the know-how for establishing a cord blood bank for stem cells. This comprises technical counselling as well as qualifying the Chinese staff. Dr. André Gerth, CEO of Vita 34 AG, has been preparing the collaboration for two years now: “It is an important step for us on the way to further internationalization of our business. We found a competent partner in AVIC Biology to master even such a comprehensive project. Through the collaboration on the clinical field, we want to develop a stem cell therapeutic agent that will get licensed in China and in Europe.”

AVIC Biology is one of the leading Chinese companies specializing in stem cell research. AVIC Biology Co. Ltd is part of AVIC Capital Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Aviation Industry Corporation of China.

Through the partnership with AVIC Biology, Vita 34 AG is now operating in the most populous economy in the world and thus on one of the most attractive markets in Asia. The other main pillar of Vita 34 in environmental technology is the BioPlanta business unit. BioPlanta has already realized several projects on the field of wastewater purification in the Chinese province of Hubei. Yinchuan and the province of Ningxia have so far not been the destination of trade missions from Saxony. Ningxia is located in the North of China on the Yellow River.


About Vita 34

Vita 34 AG with headquarters in Leipzig is the largest and most experienced stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries. The company established in 1997, specializes in the storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue for preventive medical care and the manufacture of stem cell transplants from umbilical cord blood. Currently, umbilical cord blood and tissue of about 150,000 children from Germany and other European and extra-European countries is stored. Vita 34 has proved the high quality of the previously cryopreserved and stored stem cell preparations impressively by means of 30 applications already.



Press Release from 2017-05-08 – Saxon-Chinese stem cell bank set up