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Prime Minister of Saxony Tillich is impressed by stem cell bank from Leipzig

The Saxon Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich informed himself in Leipzig about Vita 34 and the great potential of stem cells.

The Saxon Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich visited the biotech company Vita 34 in Leipzig. CEO Dr. André Gerth was proud to show him the production area and the cryogenic storage facilities of the European market leader. 

While he visited the laboratory, the Prime Minister informed himself about the company as well as the present and future possibilities of stem cells from the umbilical cord in medical treatment. In August, Vita 34 had launched the new “VitaMine&Yours”, being the first stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries to introduce a product on the market that combines individual precaution and public donation of stem cells from the umbilical cord.

“I am deeply impressed that Vita 34 as a Saxon company belongs to the ten leading cord blood banks worldwide and carries the great technological expertise from Saxony into the world”, said Tillich during his visit. Vita 34 sets standards worldwide with its innovations and contributes significantly to medical progress in the field of stem cells. An independent international expert study called Vita 34 one of the ten most influential and innovative cord blood banks in the world.

“The central location in Europe and the international cargo airport make Leipzig the ideal place for Vita 34”, pointed Dr. Gerth out to Tillich. “We feel deeply attached to the region and the Bio City offers optimal conditions for further growth”, said the CEO.

The stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue are prepared at the biotechnological laboratory and stored at minus 180 degrees Celsius in liquid nitrogen. The Prime Minister had the storage and the high quality standards explained to him by Dr. Gerth down to the very detail. He tested the insertion of a storage cassette into one of the more than 100 huge cryo-tanks. At present, over 145,000 stem cell deposits from more than 30 countries are stored at Leipzig. “People benefit particularly from innovations for medical precaution – and not only in Saxony”, emphasized Tillich during his visit.

About Vita 34

Vita 34 AG with headquarters in Leipzig is the largest and most experienced stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries. The company, established in 1997, is specialized in the storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue for medical precaution as well as the production of stem cells transplants from umbilical cord blood. At present, umbilical cord blood and tissue of almost 145,000 children from Germany and other European and Non-European countries is stored. Vita 34 was able to prove the high quality of the stored stem cell preparations in 30 applications already.


Press Release from 09/23/2016 – Prime Minister of Saxony Tillich is impressed by stem cell bank from Leipzig


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