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Stem cells are stored with Vita 34

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  • Storage of umbilical cord blood
  • Donation of umbilical cord blood
  • All basic services included
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Wer sich umfassend informiert, wird die Stammzellen aus Nabelschnurblut oder Nabelschnurgewebe bei der Geburt nicht wegwerfen. Es ist eine einmalige Möglichkeit, die Stammzellen für Ihr Kind zu sichern. Die Einlagerung von Stammzellen lässt sich flexibel gestalten, sodass Sie sie individuell an Ihre Situation anpassen können.

* The quantity of umbilical cord blood collected depends on individual influencing factors. Blood volume and cell count may vary considerably. A minimum quantity is required to set up a private deposit and to donate publicly, which can be collected only in a portion of all collections according to our experience. This is finally determined only after the collected blood was tested at the laboratory.

Ihr Stammzelldepot bei Vita 34

  • Einlagerung von Stammzellen aus Nabelschnurblut und Nabelschnurgewebe
  • Kostenlose Option zur öffentlichen Spende: An sich und andere denken
  • Persönliche Beratung durch erfahrene Fachberater
  • Sorgfältige Entnahme und Transport durch qualifiziertes Personal
  • Hochwertige Aufbereitung und sicheres Einfrieren (Kryokonservierung)
  • Vita 34-Inklusiv-Leistungen: im Ernstfall steht ein mobiles Einsatzteam für Sie bereit
  • Insolvenzversicherung: die fachgerechte Weiterlagerung ist immer gesichert
starting at
990,- €plus annual fee 120,- € Now
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Special characteristics of stem cells from umbilical cord blood

  • Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are unique

    The tissue characteristics of your own stem cells are perfectly consistent. They are as unique as the fingerprint and as individual as the personality.

  • Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are young

    Neonatal stem cells are not impaired by age or environment yet. They are unpolluted, viable, usually free from viruses and bacteria, and divide at a very fast rate.

  • Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are flexible

    Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are particularly adaptive. They can become a variety of cell types because of their differentiation potential.

  • We had Melina’s stem cells stored with Vita 34 right after her birth. While Melina grows older every year, her stem cells remain young and perhaps may help her in the future."

    Katja and Enrico KönzeMelina’s parents
  • I am still relieved that we can resort to the young and unpolluted stem cells of our child, if it becomes necessary."

    Dagmar Thielgrandmother of Paula, the owner of the first stem cell deposit at Vita 34

In drei Schritten zum eigenen Stammzelldepot

Informieren & Vertragsabschluss

Sie lassen sich bei Vita 34 individuell beraten, schließen den Vertrag ab und erhalten das Entnahme-Paket.

Geburt & Entnahme

Im Reinraumlabor von Vita 34 werden die Stammzellen untersucht, hochwertig aufbereitet und binnen 48 h eingefroren.

Aufbereitung & Einlagerung

Im Reinraumlabor von Vita 34 werden die Stammzellen untersucht, hochwertig aufbereitet und binnen 48 h eingefroren.

Fordern Sie noch heute den Elternratgeber an und erhalten Sie alle wichtigen Informationen rund um die Stammzellen-Einlagerung!

Transparent prices and no hidden costs - that is what Vita 34 stands for

Storing stem cells from the umbilical cord is an investment in the future. Rely on Vita 34 as an experienced partner standing for medical excellence, greatest safety, and highest quality. Stem cells from the umbilical cord have been our passion and vision for more than twenty years. That is why the Vita 34 experts keep optimizing all processes in order to comply with the strict official conditions imposed in connection with the licensing of umbilical cord blood preparations for autologous and allogeneic transplantation. The strictest safety measures guarantee additionally that the stem cells from the umbilical cord will be available to your offspring in the best quality even in 25, 50, or 60 years. With its own research and development division, Vita 34 is furthermore involved in basic research as well as application research and is thus one of the pioneers of a new kind of medicine.

Compare the services offered by Vita 34 to other stem cell banks! Only Vita 34 will provide you with information on when and how the stored stem cell preparations were already applied. For the stem cell preparation to be provided quickly in emergencies and applied at almost any clinic even outside the large transplant centers, Vita 34 has established a mobile stem cell team including trained personnel and the required equipment. This is unique all over Europe. So far, stem cells cryo-preserved with Vita 34 were applied [anwendungen] times in therapies, clinical studies, and treatment attempts.

Of course, this effort, time, and work has its price. We communicate all services and the resulting prices fairly and transparently. You will not find any hidden costs in our offers. You can contact us at any time by e-mail and ask about umbilical cord blood and stem cells as well as services and prices. Or you can call the free information hotline at [telefon] from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. We offer individual financing options for our products with terms between 12 and 120 months, so that the price per month fits every family budget. For you to provide for your child’s future with Vita 34.

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