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The core business of Vita 34 AG is the collection, preparation, and storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue. The environment in which Vita 34 operates is highly regulated, and this applies to the use of both umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue, which is covered by the German Organ Transplantation Act (OTG).

Vita 34 cooperates with approximately 800 maternity clinics in Germany in order to ensure that as many people as possible can make provision for their children’s health with a stem cell deposit. This represents a market coverage rate of 95%.

Our business model is based on sustainable growth, in order to create lasting value for current and future generations.


  • Market leadership

    The Group, which was founded in 1997, has approximately 215,000 stem cell deposits, which makes it by far the largest stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries and the second-largest private umbilical cord blood bank in Europe today. With our large international network of subsidiaries and sales partners, our activities are spread over more than 20 countries worldwide.

  • Objectives and Strategy

    Vita 34’s objective is to continue and reinforce successful growth course also achieved in recent years also in the future. In doing so, Vita 34 is concentrating on revenue and earnings growth. For the medium term this means working to achieve the “Vision 2021,” which aims for an EBITDA of EUR 10 million in 2021.

    The Management Board has identified the following three building blocks to achieve this strategic growth:

    • Expansion of the Core Business and Broadening the Product Portfolio
    • Inorganic Growth by Acquisition
    • New Research and Development Fields

    Expansion of the Core Business and Broadening the Product Portfolio

    Internationally, within the umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue storage sector, Vita 34 has a unique product portfolio. Vita 34 aims to broaden the product range for stem cell deposits on a consistent basis by applying active portfolio and lifecycle management techniques. The “VitaMine&Yours” product introduced in 2016, which combines the storage of umbilical cord blood for personal use with the opportunity of providing donations, has been received well in the marketplace. In addition to storing umbilical cord blood and tissue, it is also planned to collect and store adult stem cells. In the short term, autologous adipose tissue shall be collected and stored. The second stage shall be preparing this tissue for use in plastic surgery or for cosmetic purposes. In the medium term, it is planned to expand the current product offering to provide a comprehensive biobank service. This could be biological specimens of separated immune cells or periphery bloods from children or adults, which could be used in, for example, immune therapies or immuno-oncology treatments.

    Inorganic Growth by Acquisition

    The growth strategy is focused on vertical and horizontal acquisitions that strengthen the market position through clearly defined criteria and, in addition, provide synergy benefits, in particular in sales and marketing as well as in manufacturing and management areas.

    By making opportunistic acquisitions along the value chain or acquiring businesses that have complementary product offerings, Vita 34 is following a vertical portfolio expansion strategy.

    The horizontal market expansion is focused on opening up new geographical markets. This can be achieved by acquiring established competitors or by building up majority shareholdings. In doing so, expansion will take place in selected European markets.

    New Research and Development Fields

    Vita 34 pursues a clearly focused innovation strategy. Vita 34 has identified the establishment of new products and services as an important growth factor. This will involve expanding the value-added chain by adding products and services for the pharmaceutical industry or for government organizations. Vita 34 also plans to offer support for stem cell-based therapies.

    The scope of future research and development activities and projects will be limited to a volume that is commercially sensible, shall be selected projects that are oriented to market trends, and shall carry a minimum risk profile in respect of the research partners involved. In addition to the current core business, Vita 34 assesses the demand for new products in the regenerative medicine sector (storage of adipose tissue to collect mesenchymal stem cells and adipocytes) and for cell therapies (storage of T-cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and dendritic cells). The objective is to participate in the advances made in regenerative stem cell medicine and various immuno-oncology cell therapies in the medium and long term.


  • Quality assurance and innovation leadership

    The maintenance of the highest quality standards is of the utmost priority for us. This is reflected in the many permits and licenses, which also ensure the Company’s innovation leadership among umbilical cord blood banks in Europe.

    For example, Vita 34 is the only private stem cell bank in Germany that, in addition to having a permit for the storage of umbilical cord blood for autologous use, possesses the following:

    • permits from the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Pharmaceuticals (Paul-Ehrlich Institute) for dispensing umbilical cord blood products for the therapeutic use in hematological/oncological diseases for siblings (family-allogenic uses), and to help third-party recipients (allogenic uses);
    • a permit for the collection, processing, cryo-preservation, and storage of umbilical cord tissue in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH region), and Luxembourg;
    • a patent from the European Patent Office (EPO) in Luxembourg for a disinfection, preparation, cryo-preservation, and cell isolation process for umbilical cord tissue and the cells contained therein. As a result Vita 34 is currently the only German stem cell bank that is permitted to collect and store both cells and tissue from the umbilical cord of newborns under current legislation; and
    • the necessary approvals and permits to offer customers a storage and recovery facility for both whole blood and separated blood for medical therapy purposes.

    In addition, application has been made for a permit to collect and process adipose tissue deposits for possible later isolation of adult stem cells.

    We want to establish ourselves as the market leader among private international biobanks and, by making stem cells available for use, make our contribution to the creation of new regenerative therapies.


  • Sustainability

    As the largest private stem cell bank in the German-speaking countries, Vita 34 is aware of its responsibility to current and future generations, and views sustainability as an important part of its business model. In providing storage of umbilical cord blood and tissue for personal care provision or for use as a donation, Vita 34 does not only want to offer the opportunity to make an individual care provision, it also wants to create added value for society as a whole.

    It is still the case that the majority of umbilical cord blood and tissue is destroyed after childbirth. We at Vita 34, as a European pioneer in umbilical cord blood banking, work every day to make the possibility of a sustainable use of umbilical cord blood and tissue generally better known.

    Vita 34 vies for a lasting balance between commercial, ecological, and social aspects as the foundation for sustainable and positive business development.


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