Store stem cells in a
simple and uncomplicated way

How does it work?

Information and advice

Look into detailed information on the website, ask the customer service, or read the guidebook and choose the offer that suits you. We send you the collection package when the contract is signed.

Birth and collection

Take the collection kit with you to the hospital at birth. After the umbilical cord was cut, the cord blood or cord tissue will be collected and stored professionally.

Processing and storage

The stem cells will be tested, process in premium quality, and stored at our clean room laboratory. Henceforth, the important stem cells are available for application or therapy.

Our products

You can customize the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord flexibly according to your needs. We offer various products, terms, and financing options for the storage. Donating the cord blood is another option we offer.

Find your clinic

Find easily and quickly a suitable maternity clinic in their vicinity in which we offer the removal of umbilical cord blood and umbilical tissue at birth. In Germany alone, we work with more than 95% of maternity hospitals.

What matters to us

Me and my team have been answering any kind of question by parents-to-be concerning cord blood for 16 years. The record was set, by the way, by a father from Munich, who sent us an e-mail containing 39 questions.

Carola Kühn, Team Leader Customer Service