Research and development at Vita 34

Vita 34 has its own innovation division for research and development, which contributes essentially to innovations being lived and realized in the company. Innovation processes at Vita 34 are characterized by particularly target-oriented and detailed development. In the course of researching and establishing new therapies in the field of regenerative medicine, stem cells are gaining more and more importance.

Vita 34 was the first private stem cell bank in Europe to open up the way to individual precaution to the public by means of the possibility of storing stem cells. The constant enhancement of the range of products and services has maintained its importance to Vita 34.

Constant enhancement of the product range

Therapies involving and on the basis of stem cells make considerable progress already, even though they are probably only at the beginning of their development. Innovation and active research also by Vita 34 are indispensable.” Dr. Wolfgang Knirsch (CEO)

In the field of cord blood banking, we offer, besides the storage for the child itself (autologous), VitaPlusDonation - a product that combines individual storage with public donation. The storage of the entire umbilical cord blood is of particular significance, as umbilical cord tissue is used as source material of cell products for the first time and uniquely in Germany. We developed many additional services in the field of diagnostic tests. Research and development of new sources to extract stem cells (e.g. teeth, hair, fat cells) and therapeutic applications based on stem cells furthermore contribute to the expansion of our range of products. Vita 34 offers surplus value beyond the mere cryo-preservation.


Process innovations and process optimization

Process innovations are indispensable and of utmost importance for the company. The materials used for collection, preparation, and storage are being constantly improved (e.g. proprietary development of collection kit and cryo-bag), production steps are optimized and entirely new production methods developed.

Vita 34 is THE pioneer on the market of stem cell banks and has been advancing innovations for many years. For this to stay that way in the future, we are determined to bring a new service, a new product, or a new production method onto the market every year. Vita 34 thereby ensures to meet the demands and needs of the market in the future – and to further increase customer satisfaction. The purpose of all our efforts is to provide all people with access to new products and therapies on the basis of stem cells.


  • The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany, a joint economic initiative, awarded Vita 34 a seal for commitment in research. The association stands up for the long-term improvement of the German educational and research environment.

  • Vita 34 is GMP-certified. All preparations are produced in line with good manufacturing practice and are of a certified quality. This is how we create the basis for the safe application of umbilical cord blood.

  • TOP 100 awards the most innovative German small and medium-sized business. This year Vita 34 was awarded as TOP innovator for its intensive research and development activities.