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Innovative pioneer work

Founded in Leipzig in 1997 as the first private umbilical cord blood bank in Europe, Vita 34 is a full-range supplier of cryo-preservation and provides for the logistics to collect the blood, the preparation and the storage of stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue. Stem cells are a valuable source material for medical cell therapies. They are kept alive at temperatures of around minus 180 degrees Celsius to be able to apply them within the scope of medical treatment, when needed. More than 280.000 customers from Germany and 20 other countries already have opened stem cell deposits with Vita 34, thus providing for the health of their children.

Since 1997, we have been not only storing umbilical cord blood, but have set standards through our experience, our research, and our innovations.” Dr. Wolfgang Knirsch (CEO)

Experienced chemists, biologists, biotechnologists, specialized physicians and professional medical/technical assistants have made Vita 34 into that what it is today – the German specialist for stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue. For almost 20 years we have not only been storing umbilical cord blood, rather we have set standards with our experience, research and innovations, far beyond the borders of Germany.

About Vita 34

Since the foundation in 1997, the company has constantly advanced. Employees and management all share their belief in progress and innovation in stem cell therapy, which bears enormous medical potential. Vita 34 wants to participate actively in shaping this development.

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Vita 34 has its own innovation division of research and development, which contributes essentially to innovations being lived and realized in the company. Innovation processes at Vita 34 are characterized by particularly target-oriented and detailed development. In the course of researching and establishing new therapies in the field of regenerative medicine, stem cells are gaining more and more importance.

International partners

From a German cord blood bank to an internationally acting business – that describes the development of Vita 34 in the past years. With the help of cooperation partners and means of acquisitions, Vita 34 continuously opens up new attractive markets in Europe and beyond.

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Cooperation partners

By storing the young healthy stem cells from the umbilical cord of your child, you secure your child’s own, perfectly matching stem cells. Vita 34 cooperates with selected partners like public and private health insurances, the industry and from the insurance sector to guarantee the highest quality and safety regarding the health care by means of a stem cell deposit for their customers.


Whether trainee, graduate, or professionally experienced: Vita 34 offers a wide range of exciting tasks and the possibility to participate actively in shaping the future. We look forward to friendly and motivated team members, who want to advance themselves together with Vita 34.

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