We make a more vital future possible for everyone.

What drives us

Pursuing new challenges is deeply rooted in our DNA. That is why we believe in medical progress and the associated growing possibilities to promote people’s health.

Because such progress will allow people in the future to shape their health in a holistic way, manage their health actively, and to optimize it by means of personalized therapies.

That is the reason why we never content ourselves with the status quo but prove our expertise by means of original products. Innovative products that enable everyone to better manage their own health.

What drives us is the responsibility for the highest good of humans: their health. We want to help people to sustain and restore their health. And not only that.

We want to help you taking care of a healthy future.

We want to help you in managing and optimizing your own health.

Because we open the door to a multitude of personalized therapeutic options.

Therapeutic options that contribute to people’s vitality.

Therapies on the basis of stem cells make considerable progress already, even though they are probably only at the beginning of their development. Innovation and active research also by Vita 34 are indispensable.

Doctor Wolfgang Knirsch, CEO Vita 34 AG


Our knowledge portal informs you about news from stem cell research, preventive medical care by means of stem cells and immune cells and their potential in modern medicine as well as lifestyle issues concerning pregnancy and family.

Our products

You can customize the storage of stem cells from the umbilical cord flexibly according to your needs. We offer various products, terms, and financing options for the storage. Donating the cord blood is another option we offer.

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